Susan du Toit

The enjoyment of capturing moments, the emotions that exist in each moment, the variety of the people and their many ways that I get to take in and even share, the different places we meet… that is the essence of what I enjoy about my profession. The adrenalin and challenge of creating things on the scene that aren¹t there, be it props to add to the feel, dimensions, even a mood, and eventually being able to ³develop² the perfect shot, still waiting anxiously and equally excited for those perfect lines to appear on each image after a day of giving it my all.

Never a day goes by where I do not live life to the fullest and am richly rewarded with the efforts of my labour.

The Girl With The Camera

My passion is to draw smiles from the shy ones, laughter from the awkward and I have the firm belief that every moment is a memory. Capturing that special look, laugh, kiss or hug is what keeps me clicking away with every photo shoot session. I would love to get to know and help you capture your special wedding.