Buy a preloved wedding dress

1When buying my dress online directly form a bride, do I still use your safe paying option?
No. We are only creating a platform for buyers and sellers, the selling price, agreements between buyers and advertisers and type of client is your own prerogative, risk and choice.

Book your fitting at the Big Bridal Pop Up

1Why attend the Big Bridal Popup Sale?
Buying a dress can be stressful not to mention the cost, will it not be wonderful to have the best of both worlds, a fabulous dress sourcing experience, good quality and for a fraction of the price?? You pay, we pack, you take. That’s how easy it is. Credit and Debit cards will be accepted
2 Do I forfeit my fitting fee if I do not attend my fitting at the give time slot?
Yes, unfortunately you forfeit your fitting and fee.
3Do we have to have an appointment to fit?
Yes. Absolutely. Only brides with a prior appointment for a fitting will be allowed to fit dresses. We want to create a comfortable environment for you, and give you the personal attention you deserve.
4What else can I expect from my fitting?
You will meet CREDIBLE and hand SELECTED wedding industry suppliers who will be exhibiting at the sale
Enjoy a glass of bubbly with your guests at ABE Restaurant
Buy a cup of quality coffee from our barista
A fun day out with the girls
5Do my (two) guests that join me for my fitting also pay a fee?
No. But please, no more than two guests.
6How does pricing and payment work?
Dresses will be placed in categories according to price and size to make it easy for you.
7Will there be any new dresses to fit?
Yes. Some dresses will be brand new dresses supplied by wholesalers or importers who are no longer in business or doing a sample sale. However, expect preloved dresses in the majority of instances.
8What type of dresses can I expect to fit?
Pre-loved dresses form brides, sale dresses from wholesalers and dress shops in the area = a lot to choose from!
9Suggested “Do's and Don’ts’ for your fitting

Do not wear MAKE-UP please.

You will have a specific fitting slot with your own assistant and fitting room, you may come one hour before your slot to brows and view dresses

Understand what kind of merchandise you can expect:

We suggest that brides have an idea of the style and fit they are looking for in their wedding gown,

Manage your expectations about the level of service you will receive at a sample sale. Don’t confuse this with a real bridal appointment, we have put a lot of effort into selecting quality gowns

Be very picky about who you bring with you to the sale: We do not recommend bringing more than one guest, as your own opinion matters the most. Bring a friend that is honest and decisive and understands your personality and what you hope to find. After all, purchasing a gown at a sample sale is not a decision that you can sleep on.

No buyer’s remorse.

Option 1 & 2: List your dress on our Standard website listing and have buyers contact you directly.

1Why list my dress?
Option 1 & 2: List your dress on our Standard website listing and have buyers contact you directly. The Big Bridal Popup website will get you in contact with numerous potential buyers
You will be notified of our bridal pop up sales should you want to submit your dress to be sold at the event as well.
Every “Standard” and “Premium” dress listing and submission must be accompanied by four dress images: Full Front, Full back, one of you wearing the dress, and one image of the dress material close-up.
You acknowledge that when selling the dress via your advertisement on The Big Bridal Popup Website, the selling price, agreements between buyers and advertisers and type of client is your own prerogative, risk and choice.

Option 3: Submit your dress for selling at the Big Bridal Pop Up Event

1How to establish a estimated dress price:
Initial dress price minus 40%
Minus another 15% for any damages(If any, maybe just a missing button or something minor) NO Damaged dresses will be excepted!
ex. You paid R10 000 for your dress in 2016 - you can expect R6000 for your dress when your dress is not more than 1 year old/style etc. – you will be advised on this.
2What if on the sale a bride want to buy my dress but want to negotiate a discount, will you do this on my behalf to get the sale through rather than me risking not selling my dress?
As part of this agreement, a floor (or minimum) selling price will be agreed to allow Big Bridal Popup the opportunity to allocate a discount to the dress at the event, should this be required to motivate the sale of the dress. You will not receive any less than your agreed minimum selling price.
3And taking into consideration the above, why should I budge on my price?
We are creating the first event of this caliber in SA. A great opportunity for you to get rid of an item for cash in hand, the event is one of its kind and ups the chances of selling your dress. It is better to take a discount than miss out on a sale, next year your dress will be another year outdated.
4Will the event only take place once a year?
For the moment! Once a year in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KZN.
5What if I pay my R180 submission fee and you reject my dress?
The dress criteria is clearly stated for you. Should a dress be rejected for event listing, the submission fee will not be refunded, but the advertiser shall have the option to receive a complementary standard listing for the listing of the submitted or any other wedding dress.
6Why submit my dress for the BIG BRIDAL POPUP SALE?
We take the risk away from all potential sellers - your dress gets promoted to any potential buyer in a safe and controlled environment
This makes the sale of your wedding dress less personal and invasive.
It’s an easy and effortless way to get some cash in hand - you simply submit your dress online, pay a once off courier fee.
If the dress does not sell we return the dress via courier and you can continue promoting the dress via the website and/or wait for the next Big Bridal Popup Sale.
7How does pricing and payment work?
Dresses will be placed in categories according to Selling Price (R1000 – R5000; R5000 – R10 000; R10 000 – R15 000; R15 000 Plus and Size to make it easy for you.