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The next Big Bridal Popup sale is on 30 January & 31 January 2021


The Booking Process

1 Hour

Personal fitting room. 1 Hour fitting slot!
Assistants will be available.


Please arrive 30 minutes before your fitting slot to browse through the dresses.

Find the One

You pay, we pack, you take. That’s how easy it is.

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Keep an eye on our social media and websites for booking announcements.

Please note: Should the expo be postponed your booking will be transferred to the next date, same day & same time slot.

Fitting Rules

  • When you arrive, please report to reception.
  • Please arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to browse the available wedding dresses.
  • You will have your own private fitting room.
  • Pre-select your three favourite dresses 15 minutes before your fitting takes place.
  • Take the dresses to the fitting room.
  • Only three dresses are allowed per fitting room at a time.
  • Once your preferred style has been established, an available assistant will provide you with alternatives.
  • Once you have eliminated a dress, please allow the assistant to return the dress to display.
  • Expect to fit a maximum of 5 to 6 wedding dresses.
  • We provide seating space for two guests only per fitting room. No more than 2 guests are allowed.
  • One trained fitting assistant will be available per two fitting rooms. She will assist you in lacing up the wedding dresses and to prevent damage to the dresses.
  • Serious damage to wedding dresses may result in a request to purchase the damaged goods. Please handle garments with care.
  • An onsite designer and alterations specialist will be available to you.
  • No food and drinks allowed near the wedding dresses.
  • No prams and trolleys will be allowed due to limited space.
  • Preferably no children, please.